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The Wednesday Rule

Fri, 16 Mar 2012 - 12:44 PM CST

I was in tenth grade when I first heard of the Wednesday Rule. Four popular kids, two boys and two girls, sat at a table in the library. One of the girls was laughing about a boy who asked her out. She had rejected him because it was Thursday, and he asked her to go out on Saturday.

She said that even though she didn't have plans, she turned him down because of the Wednesday Rule.

The Wednesday Rule states, "If you are asked to go on a date after Wednesday for that upcoming weekend, the answer is no."

I didn't feel the same way. What if I've been waiting forever for a boy to ask me out? If I say no, he may never ask me out again! What I didn't understand was that the Wednesday Rule was really more about confidence than cruelty. That girl had enough self-esteem that she believed the boy would ask her out again, even if she turned him down the first time.

And confidence is attractive.

However, I think the Wednesday Rule is really about protecting your heart. Proverbs 4:23 (NIV) says, "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." By using the Wednesday Rule as a guideline, we can protect ourselves from getting hurt.

We'll start with the ladies. Girls, you are precious and valuable. Your time is special, and if a boy wants to date you, he needs to give you more than a day's notice. You may be praying for something wonderful to happen over the weekend, but if a boy asks you on Thursday to go out on Friday, the rule says no.

How do you know that the boy didn't have plans that fell through at the last minute and asking you to go out was his back-up plan? By sweetly replying that you "aren't available this weekend, but perhaps another time?" you let the boy know that you are a busy girl and if he wants to have the privilege of spending time with you, he needs to ask you earlier. If you don't have plans, it's okay to still decline. Find a couple of friends and have a girls' night or stay home with your family and watch a movie.

Now boys, the Wednesday rule guards your heart as well. If you are aware that some girls know and follow this rule, you know you have a better chance of getting a positive response to your invitation if you ask earlier in the week. This means less rejection and less heartbreak.

Plus, following the Wednesday Rule gives you a deadline, which means you have to muster the courage to ask her out. An added bonus is that asking her out earlier in the week means beating the other guys who are waiting until the last minute. Not only will you win the girl, but you'll be able to enjoy the rest of week with eager anticipation for the date.

Are there exceptions to this rule? Absolutely.

One exception is if a really great opportunity turns up. It's great to be spontaneous-you have the freedom to say yes whenever you want. Perhaps the boy got tickets to a concert on Thursday morning and he asks you to go. Can you? Sure! Don't miss out on a great experience because you feel that you're bound to this rule.

Another exception is if you are already in a dating relationship. You have chosen to date that person exclusively, so obviously you can make plans whenever you want to.

Remember that the Wednesday Rule is really a guideline. It protects girls from being a guy's second choice and encourages boys to plan ahead for dates. Girls, don't be afraid that if you say no to a date, that the boy won't ask you out again. If he likes you, he will.

I'll even bet he'll do it before Wednesday.

Authors: Bethany Jett

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