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Wed, 15 Feb 2012 - 2:19 PM CST

Wallace MASKqueradeMASKquerade tells the story of Danny Wallace, a man who's lived most of his life behind masks. Abused physically, emotionally and sexually since he was 5, Danny uses his novel to share his story of forgiveness and redemption through his relationship with God.

The son of an alcoholic who was generally considered one of the best men in town, Danny didn't expect his father's abuse when it first started. Shocked and frightened of what his father would do if he told, Danny picked up his first mask, one that told the world that he was doing just fine. The abuse only escalated from that point, even when Danny worked up the courage to confide in someone he thought he could trust. With nowhere to turn, an 11-year-old Danny found himself giving his life to Christ, and he began his journey to healing; however, the abuse and the mask-wearing didn't stop.

Throughout his teen years and much of his adult life, Danny struggled with hatred towards his father as well as having to deal with a young wife and a new baby at 17, homosexuality and AIDS. Nevertheless, God never let go of Danny. Only when he was in his 30s did Danny find the courage to make his story known, and as he does God's will by doing so, he encourages others who have lived through tough situations to live in transparency and allow Jesus' light to shine in their lives, for only then can true freedom be found.

Pros: The story is touching, and it holds wonderful lessons of forgiveness and healing that every person could benefit from hearing.

Cons: The story is a little intense and difficult to read in parts, but it is all within context of the story. The writing also seems to be a little disconnected and hard to follow in places, but the overall message is easy to comprehend.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Authors: Katie Kempski

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