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RED: Until We Have Faces

Mon, 24 Jan 2011 - 5:16 PM CST

Red Until We Have FacesThe third potent release, Until We Have Faces, from one of today's most explosive Christian rock groups, RED, erupts into your ears with the same aural authority as their first two highly-acclaimed releases. Lofty expectations following a duo of successful albums can be tough satisfy, but RED pulls it off while breaking plenty of sweat.

"Feed the Machine" is the opening track, bringing the kind of first impression that would never work for a guy on a first date -- plenty of screaming accompanied by a soundtrack of thrashing guitars. It doesn't carry the signature melodic vocals for which Michael Barnes is known, but I guess we all need to clean the vocal pipes every now and then. Thankfully, "Faceless" delivers that in spades with a chorus that says, "I'm not myself / Feel like I'm someone else / Rotten and faceless / So hollow, hollow inside / A part of me is dead / Need you to live again." "Not Alone" and "Hymn for the Missing" takes a break from the heavily dramatic rock and delivers two empathetic ballads that would make any hair band jealous.

Red continues to impress with lyrical maturity and an addictive signature sound. For better or worse, they met the standard set by their previous GRAMMY-awarded releases. This might sound like faint praise, but in this case, it is a reason to be flattered.

5 out of 5 stars


Authors: Shannon Zabroski

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